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Who is f*king this up?

As part of his re-election strategy, Donald Trump has been saying publicly that Joe Biden and his son are criminals. As the election gets closer, the president and his allies are creating a false narrative and then goading the media to cover it by claiming they are also in on the conspiracy. The intention is to create doubt and influence voters, a common practice in politics.

Watch out for 'The Laptop'

The short story is that Trump's friend and lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, (somehow) got ahold of a laptop belonging to Biden's son, Hunter, and now Trump and his allies are releasing seemingly alarming details about what is on it and what it means. There hasn't been anything criminal found on the laptop that has been reported to date. It's our opinion that this story is being used to cause confusion, much like Hillary Clinton's 'emails' leading up to the 2016 Election.

Watch out for 'Fox News'

As with Hillary Clinton's 'emails', Fox News has been, and will likely continue to, feature headlines, opinions, and stories about small details of 'The Laptop' in the run-up to the election. This is to help create the narrative that something BIG is going on with some kind of investigation, even though that is false. <br/><br/> LOOK FOR<br/>factual details that have credible sources as this story evolves<br/><br/> WATCH OUT<br/>for clickbait headlines and stories with opinions of Trump and his allies<br/><br/> WATCH OUT<br/>for Fox News commentators like @TuckerCarlson<br/>

Watch out for 'Bill Barr'

Trump appears to be coaxing his Attorney General, Bill Barr, to help validate his accusations of criminal behavior. <br/><br/> WATCH OUT<br/>for any dramatic announcements that seem conspicuous between now and the election. <br/> <br/> WORTH REMEMBERING<br/>Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives for also trying to get Ukraine, a foreign government, to start a sham investigation into Joe Biden.